Didi Shakti's unique design is made to lure out the goddess within you... Didi means sister in hindi. Shakti is the hindu goddess of the devine feminine aspect, the Sacred Power.

Didi Shakti My strong passion for freedom has brought me on many journeys, especially to magical India where most of my inspiration is found. l started designing clothes in 2006 and since then l´ve developed my own unique style that speaks to the feminine heart and breathes personality. For me fashion is not about trends, it´s more of bringing out the essence of you and to shine your fullest potential. l belive in sustainability, so therefore l work in a small productionscale in a close relationship with my tailors. In the nearest future l´m looking into using ecological materials as much as possible. My intention is to bring a little bit of fairytale and beauty into a womans everyday life.. Wear it and Shine!